• Vodafone UK To Carry BlackBerry Classic For Business Customers

    If you're looking to snatch up the upcoming BlackBerry Classic in the UK, then you might be excited to know that Vodafone will be stocking the device from early January. This comes with the unfortunate caveat that the device will only be available to business customers.

    Vodafone's decision to make the handset "business only" isn't a huge surprise — the BlackBerry Passport was initially a "business customers only" handset. The only saving grace from this development is that the Passport is now available online for consumers. We can only hope that Vodafone will make it available for their consumer-based customers to snap up as well.

    The big downside of all this is that — much like every other BlackBerry device offered by the UK carrier *— you're very unlikely to see this on display in any Vodafone stores. On top of this there's just no promise that the BlackBerry Classic will be available for consumers in the future.

    As it stands, if you're in the UK and looking forward to that "classic" productivity offered in BlackBerry's latest device then you may have to wait for a while longer.

    Source: CrackBerry

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