• Video: RIM Demos BlackBerry Balance And BlackBerry World For Work On BlackBerry 10

    Donny and Vivek get together again to give us a demo on how BlackBerry Balance will work on BlackBerry 10. Highlights of the video are the ease of switching from a work environment to your personal with a simple swipe and push of a button. BlackBerry Balance is aimed at eliminating the need to have two devices, as well as integrating work and life together without getting the both entangled. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

    Video description:
    BlackBerry Balance on BlackBerry 10 creates a seamless experience for engaging with both work and personal applications. A gesture-based transition allows you to access each side of the device, while currently running applications feature both work and personal apps running side-by-side. Data in work applications is protected, allowing for peace of mind for administrators, without compromising on the experience for employees.

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