• Video: The New Parallax Feature On iOS 7 Mimics TAT 3D Eyetracking UI Concept

    We've already seen a few of the features that iOS 7 has ripped off from BlackBerry. But here is a new one that you may have not heard about yet. Remember the iOS 7 video showing off a 3D like background that seems to move based upon the direction you tilt your device? Well, apparently BlackBerry's team, The Astonishing Tribe, have already released a concept video of this feature back in 2009!

    While I hear that there is an Android app out there that can give you that same parallax feel, it's hasn't been around as long as this TAT concept video. So what do you say BlackBerry? Let's get a move on and make these awesome concepts into something real!

    Would you like BlackBerry to bring 3D Eyetracking to BlackBerry 10?

    Via: N4BB

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