• Verizon Z10 Owners, Here's Why You Can't Download WhatsApp From BlackBerry World Yet

    Verizon Wireless launched the BlackBerry Z10 officially yesterday.
    Our very own, Joe Jerde, was one of the first to pick one up at his local store. Unfortunately, we quickly noticed that Verizon shipped out their Z10s with a pretty old OS on it, v10.0.9.2710. There was a prompt to update it to OS, but not any 10.0.10.xx OS.

    This latest 10.0.10 update, which pretty much every other carrier has pushed out, is pretty important for Z10 owners. The Inside BlackBerry wrote a whole post about this update and highlighted battery, phone, contacts and calendar improvements, and 3rd party app performance.

    It turns out some apps, WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 being one of them, needs OS 10.0.10.xx to even allow you to download it. Since Verizon hasn't pushed this update, Z10 owners on Big Red can't download WhatsApp yet.

    It's definitely a shame that right now Verizon Z10 owners can't download WhatsApp, but at least we know who is at fault, and it's not BlackBerry. According to our sources, Verizon does have a working OS 10.0.10.xx, and they're still "testing it" on the Z10. Hopefully VZW moves their ass and approves it ASAP.

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