• Verizon Wireless Rumored To Be Launching The Z30 On Halloween For A Horrifying $299 Price Tag

    The U.S. has been snubbed from the BlackBerry awesomeness of 10.2, and the Z30 so far, but it looks like we may finally be getting closer to attaining one of these in the near future. According to a leaked document posted by CrackBerry, Verizon Wireless will be launching the BlackBerry Z30 in exactly one week, on Halloween (October 31st), for the horrific price of $299 - presumably on a two-year deal.

    If this does indeed happen, the Z30 will be the most expensive BlackBerry 10 device to launch in the U.S. No word or rumors from any other carrier on pricing or availability for the Z30, but hopefully we'll hear something announced soon.

    If you're considering a BlackBerry Z30, is the $299 tag too pricey, or just right? Let us know below!

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