• Verizon Rumored To Purchase Canada's Wind Mobile

    According to The Globe and Mail, the struggling Wind Mobile may be in talks with Verizon Wireless about a possible buyout. Reportedly, Verizon has held "exploratory" talks to buy out Wind Mobile, which would allow the Canadian company to bid in an upcoming auction for the 700MHz wireless spectrum.

    "AT&T Corp. of the U.S., Vodafone Group Plc of Britain and Telenor Group of Norway are other names circulating within the telecommunications industry as possible investors, sources said. - The Globe and Mail"

    There is nothing solid at this point as no parties are commenting, but that leaves us with a big hovering question... is Verizon trying to dip their hand into the Canadian market as a future competitor? All it takes is one foot in the door to easily pry it open.

    What do you think Canadian readers? Good or bad?

    Source: G&M

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