• Verizon Introduces Family Base

    Having two boys, ages 13 and 11, both with cell phones is a problem at times. There is that part of parenting that wants to let them have a bit of modern independence but the other part of parenting screams, "KEEP AN EYE ON THEM AND WHAT THEY'RE DOING. PROTECT, PROTECT, PROTECT!!!"

    Well, Verizon Wireless has introduced a great option that you can add to your account that will let you monitor your kids phone accounts so you know who they're talking to, how they're using their phone and the apps they're accessing. You can also set limits on texting and data usage as well as provide an allowance so they can purchase those apps that they want, which makes YOU look good in their eyes. And, if need be, you can lock them out of texting on their phones at certain hours (School, the dinner table, late night after bedtime, etc.).

    The cost of Verizon's Family Base is $5.00/month on your account up to 10 lines and the best part, the first month is FREE!! You can sign up for Family Base here.

    You can click here to see a video demo of how Family Base can help you manage your children's phone usage.

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