• Verizon To Finally Remove Their Spammy Vcast Apps From Devices

    This will come as great news to most BlackBerry users. Verizon has announced that they will fully remove the Vcast store apps from BlackBerry devices by March of 2013. As a Verizon subscriber I welcome this move. Most of those apps were just taking up space anyhow, and went into a separate folder where they were hidden.

    “We anticipate completing this process by March 27, 2013,” Verizon said in a article.

    It looks like this is a good maintenance move as Verizon is beginning to realize that BlackBerry is going to be getting a major store update with BlackBerry 10, in which users will be more prone to purchase from. The new BlackBerry 10 Store will be very much like iTunes, in that users will be able to purchase everything from apps. music, to movies.

    This announcement doesn't have affect on the Verizon portal in App World. Only the individual store apps. I assume that the Verizon App World portal will stay for the time being.

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