• Verizon CFO: "Don't Count RIM Out Yet"

    On iPhone 5 day, one of the biggest wireless carriers in the world, Verizon, believes those looking over BlackBerry in mobile should think twice about that. Verizon CFO Francis J. Shammo was quoted as saying:

    "Don't count RIM out yet, they could come back to the marketplace with an innovate product."

    It isn't clear whether Shammo has been part of the Verizon top exec lineup that has seen the BlackBerry 10 devices, but it's definitely of interest for someone of his position to make that comment, specially on a day like today.

    Carriers like variety and they need more than one or two OSes to dominate and according to CFO Shammo, BlackBerry 10 definitely has comeback potential.

    Source: StreetInsider

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