• Use SmartTalk To Get Free Calls In The UK On Your BlackBerry 10

    BT have recently rolled out their SmartTalk app which allows BT customers to make calls from their phone using their landline tariff instead of their mobile contract. This can make certain phonecalls in the UK much, much cheaper.

    Classic examples of this are 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers which cost a substantial amount more than on a landline and aren't usually included in your free minutes.

    Unfortunately for us, BT have only made the app available on Android and iOS. Of course it's not all doom and gloom as the Android app runs perfectly on BlackBerry 10.

    We've made the app available in our downloads section, and you can either download the BAR file or the APK if you're on BlackBerry 10.2.1+.

    BT are also offering 60 minutes of free calls each month if you register the app before the end of January 2014. If you're living in the UK and have a BT landline then you may want to check this app out.

    Source: Gadgism

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