• Updated: BlackBerry 10 Standby Screen Gets Pictured, Along With App World Payment Screen And More

    Update 2:07p EST: Turns out this screen is what happens when your phone is on standby, and the screen is touched, not when it's rebooting. Apparently, this standby screen is customizable and can be made to not only indicate battery levels, but also time, messages, local weather; etc. Either way, like with any "leaked pictures," until we actually see it on BB10 on release, it has to all be taken with a grain of salt.


    A few cool BlackBerry 10 and L-Series pictures have leaked out between last night and this morning that show off a couple of new things. According to @a5enk, the picture above shows off the boot screen that will be shown every time a BlackBerry 10 device is restarted. Gone is the old OS 5 loading bar, and now a new percentage-completed style display replaces it.

    Another leak also shows off App World's BB10 payment screen. Nothing huge here, but nonetheless it's cool to see. The last three pictures below show off the BB10 L-Series back, with and without cover and the battery as well. No, that's not a Dev Alpha; the corners are rounded off.

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