• Updated BBM For BlackBerry 10 App With Channels Requires OS 10.2 [UPDATED]

    [UPDATED 6:26PM EST] We've gotten word that the 10.2 and up requirement for the new BBM for BlackBerry 10 update was an error, a typo, and is being fixed. The BBM update will be available to anyone running any version of BlackBerry 10 through BlackBerry World's My World section. All is well in the world again.


    BlackBerry announced this morning they would be officially launching a new BBM update which would bring the new Channels feature out of beta. The new version, which seems to be v10.2.25.101, will not be available for everyone right off the bat unfortunately. This is because the new BBM update requires OS 10.2 as a minimum.

    Now, if you're reading this in Canada, the UK, or pretty much any other area in the world, that's not an issue. In the U.S. however, the only device that runs 10.2 is the Verizon-exclusive BlackBerry Z30. To this day, no U.S. carrier has pushed 10.2 to either Z10 or Q10 officially. This means unless you've loaded a leaked 10.2 OS on your device, which some BlackBerry employees will tell you is "stealing," you will not be able to update BBM today, unfortunately.

    This is obviously annoying, but the blame can be spread around for everyone to get a little bit of it. U.S. carriers have been shameful in the way they've dealt with BlackBerry updates. According to the timeline provided by BlackBerry, we won't be seeing 10.2 in the States until the winter of 2013/2014.

    BlackBerry has also relied too much on them to get these updates across. Before BB10 launched, we were told these updates would be quick because the only thing needed to be tested would be the OS' radio files. Unfortunately, U.S. carriers have taken their sweet time with that as well. Maybe BlackBerry should consider giving them the OS to test out before anyone else, seeing as how we all know they take forever.

    Either way, U.S. BlackBerry 10 owners unwilling to load a leaked OS will have to wait until 10.2 is officially released to be able to update their BBM app, and that sucks. We've reached out to BlackBerry for comment, and will update when we hear back.

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