• Update: Qualcomm In Talks To Join Cerberus And Mike Lazaridis In A Joint Bid For BlackBerry

    Update: The WSJ has updated their report as they claim a new partner has emerged in Qualcomm for this possible joint bid for BlackBerry. Again, no official bid has been made, but apparently a lot of people are talking.


    The Wall Street Journal is at it again with BlackBerry acquisition rumors. This time, according to a report published today, former co-CEO Mike Lazaridis and Cerberus Capital Management are considering making a bid together for BlackBerry before Monday's November 4th deadline. Both parties had been associated with bids for BlackBerry before, but it seems now the idea would be to go at it together.

    Lazaridis drew attention from the public, as he and Doug Fregin, another co-founder of RIM, raised their stock ownership to over 16% this past September. Lazaridis alone owns 8% of BlackBerry, so there's definitely the possibility he could move to make a bid. As it stands now, Prem Watsa's Fairfax Financial is the only one with an official bid, which could be finalized as early as this coming Monday, November 4th.

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