• Update: Omar Vizquel Is A Member Of Team BlackBerry

    Imagine my shock when I was trolling through my Twitter and saw a re-tweet from a friend of mine that Omar Vizquel had tweeted. Omar, if you don't know, is one of the best Shortstops that have ever played the game of baseball. What caught my eye was that he is a Team BlackBerry member.

    Out of all the teams that Mr. Vizquel has been a part of, being on Team BlackBerry is probably by far the best of them all. It turns out that Omar Vizquel uses a 9700. I found this out when I tweeted him and asked what BlackBerry Phone he rocked. He replied, "9700. Update me."

    Well, I believe I have done just that. More on that in the future..

    For me, it's a trip to the past because I used to cover Omar when he played in as a Cleveland Indian. I covered him numerous times as an Indian on the field and the locker room and many times off at charity events for his paintings and other endeavors. He's a wonderful guy and that smile of his is so infectious. Happy to see him as a member of Team BlackBerry!!

    UPDATE: I thought I'd try to do something nice for a super nice guy like Omar. I contacted a couple of people at RIM and they got me in touch with the right person this past Friday. I explained who I was, what had happened on twitter and what Omar had replied to me. I also explained what I hoped to do. From RIM I got word that it was a go to certainly "Update Omar" from a 9700.

    Next step was for me to contact the Toronto Blue Jays people who handle player interaction. Through exchanging a couple of emails, I was told Omar got the information (after kicking the tar out of my Indians) about getting an update to his 9700 and that I would be getting the details back shortly.

    What happened next....I truly did not expect.

    My phone rang today at 3:39 P.M. today. I did not recognize the number and as I was assembling my youngest son's new bed, I didn't answer the call and let it go to voice mail. When I finished assembling the bed, I listened to the voice mail. "Hello Brian, this is Omar Vizquel...", the voice on the phone said in a Venezuelan accent.

    I audibly gasped and my mouth was open wide. My eyes just bulged in amazement. My wife got a worried look on her face and kept asking me, "Honey..honey...what's wrong..?" I listened to the message, saved it for posterity sake and then replayed it over the speakerphone or my wife to hear. Her words, "Oh my GOD...! It's him...!!"

    I expected an e-mail back from the Blue Jays brass. Not a phone call from the man himself.

    Omar left his number and told me to call him back, which I did and explained what was going to happen and how I could get him updated to a new BlackBerry Bold 9900. Omar was just a amiable and gracious on the phone as I remember he was in person when I used to cover him when he played for the Cleveland Indians. Omar said to me, "I was just fooling around. I didn't really believe that someone would take me up on it. Especially on twitter." I explained to Omar that I wanted to do something nice for him and I thought I would be able to see if we could get him a newer phone than the 9700. We talked for about five minutes and as we were saying goodbye he said, "Brian, you have my number. If you ever need anything from me, just let me know."

    Omar, all I want is to see a pic of you and your new 9900 when you get it. Remember to #BeBold.

    Photo: Wikipedia

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