• UPDATE: It's Back...QuickPost 2.2 Temporarily Removed from Blackberry World

    UPDATE: QuickPost is back with v2.2.0.1 with a fix for Blackberry 10.2 users.

    A few of us noticed QuickPost disappeared from Blackberry World yesterday. Sure enough, it really is missing. Since the fine folks that make this great social media sharing tool had just released v2.2 to much fanfare from practically all Blackberry fan sites, we found this rather odd. The link still works though but only gets you 2.1.1. What happened?

    I shot them a quick email asking "what's the deal"...slightly paraphrased...and this was their response:
    Out of an abundance of caution, we temporarily paused the roll out of 2.2 due to reports of an issue on BlackBerry 10.2. We have since determined that the issue is not as widespread as first thought, and the roll out should continue later today with a patch to follow shortly.
    This confirmed two things:
    1. I wasn't crazy. The app really was missing and it wasn't my Passport.
    2. Devoted Blackberry app developers really are out there and care about quality.

    The issue hasn't been explained beyond "an issue on...10.2" but it's good to know they're working on it and promise an update soon.

    I'm sure @teamquickpost will publish an update message once the new patched version is available. Or you can do what I do and hit refresh every 5 seconds.

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