• UPDATE: Allergic To BlackBerry? There May Be No Need To Buy Prescription

    UPDATE: We don't like to spread around mis-information, so we contacted the people who directed the study to get a bit more information about the phones tested. The study abstract indicates that a total of 72 cell phones were tested, 25 iPhones, 17 Blackberrys, 9 Motorola Droids, and 21 flip phones. Clearly not a representative sample given the reported 285 million cellphone subscribers nationally.

    In the recent flurry of outlandish "news" pieces poking fun at Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones it seems like a new study presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), "proves" iPhones and "Droids" are better options to patients allergic to either nickel or cobalt.

    According to the press release, ACAAI allergists studied popular smartphones for signs of the two metallic minerals. Allergist Tania Mucci, M.D., claims that approximately of one-third of all BlackBerry smartphones contains nickel but neither mineral was found in iPhones or "Droids." Older flip phones were identified as the worst offenders. Reportedly 91 percent of these devices contained nickel and 52 percent turned up positive for cobalt.

    If indeed these claims are true, there is a very BIG chance you don't have to do anything as these allergens only seem to affect 17 percent of women and 3 percent of men.

    Another ACAAI allergist, Luz Fonacier, M.D., recommends a few unorthodox remedies for patients affected, including using iPhones or Droids to reduce the chance of having an allergic reaction.

    I'm no doctor, but I don't buy the notion that out of the hundreds if not thousands of Android hardware manufacturers out there there are NONE that use cobalt or nickel in their devices. Needless to say, there are also dozens of documented cases of aluminum allergies, rendering nearly all current Apple products useless to these individuals. I'd recommend using a case around your phone, and waiting until BlackBerry 10 for a maximum and lasting relief.

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