• Universal Search And Voice Commands Found In Latest Dev Alpha Update

    On Thursday, RIM released an OS update for the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. In this update, users have found that holding down the mute/play button had resulted in a voice that asked 'Please say a command after the beep'. Similar to Siri on Apple's mobile devices, this voice recognition feature seemed to be able to understand a variety of commands and questions which I tested. Using your contacts information which is sync via your Twitter, Facebook or email accounts you have registered on your device, the voice commands are able to recognize the commands to update your Facebook/Twitter status, make phone calls, and write emails to contacts without doing any typing. Although the device does acknowledge the commands that I have given it, I have yet to see any emails or Twitter updates that I've requested to be done, so this feature is most likely still very much in development.

    Another interesting feature that was found in this update was the universal voice search feature which you could bring up by using telling the device to 'Search' a particular term you want to search. This would resulted in search window which pops up (similar to the feature image) showing contacts/emails and relevant apps which contained the particular search term.

    The following are a few other commands which the phone seemed to recognize.

    • What is the weather? - This command seems to return weather which is local to my location, however, I am
    • Where is (location)? - This command seems to bring up Bing Maps of the particular location in question
    • What is the time? - This command reads the time on the device.

    When a term or phrase that is given to the Dev Alpha which it does not recognize, it will ask you if you would like to search the web using Bing for that particular phrase.

    The voice command feature is still in it's beta of development yet it is another awesome feature which we look forward to when the completed version of BlackBerry 10 is released.

    Let us know in the forum if you found any other commands that the Dev Alpha understands or if you have commands you would like us to try on the devices.

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