• The Ultimate BlackBerry Twitter Client Battle Royale Part I

    For as long as I can remember, BlackBerry users on Twitter have argued over which mobile client is the best all-around. Although there are many different Twitter apps to choose from, the top three most used and well-known have been Twitter for BlackBerry, UberSocial for BlackBerry and SocialScope. These three are the ones that have incurred more debates than I care to count.

    I’ve primarily used Twitter for BlackBerry over the last year and a half and have been quite content with it. Over the last 6 months or so, I had heard grumblings about how UberSocial is “ easily the best app for Twitter.” SocialScope users, on the other hand, would boast about their app being so good and so exclusive, that you needed to be “invited” to use it (actually true about the invitation). All this trash talk was just asking for a good head-to-head... to-head battle to determine which app is the best, once and for all.

    We needed a good review to compare and contrast all three of these Twitter clients and that's exactly what I attempted to do. I will be going pretty in depth in terms of pros and cons about all three of these clients so this battle will actually be a couple of parts. Part I will focus squarely on User Interface and the look of the apps while Part II will be more focused on Performance and Notifications.

    So without further ado, here is the Twitter Client on BlackBerry Battle Royale between T4BB, UberSocial and SocialScope Part I.

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