• UK Developers Left Clutching The Short Straw

    UPDATE 29/April/2013: BlackBerry Dev Relations has started to reach out to UK developers to swap the affected units. Thanks BlackBerry!

    One of the incredible gestures from BlackBerry leading up to the launch of the Z10 was the offer of the Limited Edition Developer phone when you traded in your Dev Alpha device.

    Many developers that were elligible for the programme have now received their devices. But here in the UK, there's certainly a feeling that developers have been treated slightly less well than elsewhere in the world.

    While developers in North America and Europe have received the LTE variants of the Z10 (100-3 and 100-2 respectively), UK developers have been dismayed to discover that they have received the somewhat lesser powered non-LTE 100-1. A slower device with only 3G capabilities.

    Now, this may seem like sour grapes - but remember that there are many developers that have taken the time to learn the new BlackBerry platform, write a qualifying app, and successfully submit it. That takes a lot of time, and the promise was made before any of us knew about the different variants of the Z10.

    Despite various tweets to the BlackBerry Developer team from developers, it seems that the shipments have been acknowledged but no action is being taken. As each day passes it seems less and less likely that the situation will change, so British developers must simply buck up and settle for 2nd best. Which is unfortunately how they are being treated.

    The issue is starting to manifest itself with game releases that aren't compatible with the 100-1 such as the recent Dark Knight Rises game. If apps are written for the lesser variant, then it won't appear in BlackBerry World. My advice to any develop in the UK is that if you already own a Z10, and receive the Limited Edition - stick with original Z10. If you don't have one, then you will hopefully not notice the difference.

    Despite the STL100-2 being on sale in the UK rather than the STL100-1, it's hardly surprising that some developers feel second class compared to the rest of the world. A real shame.

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