• Uber Iris For The PlayBook

    So you have these friends with an Android tablet or iPad and they're busy snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram and you feel that little pang of jealousy hit you. You feel left out, right? Well there is an app for the BlackBerry Playbook that does away with your jealousy and makes you appreciate that 5MP camera that the PlayBook has even more.

    The app that I'm talking about is Uber Iris and it's available in the BlackBerry Playbook App Store. XLabz, the makers of Uber Iris, have given you a wonderful tool give your pictures a new look. I've personally purchased this app and was completely impressed with the functionality that Uber Iris gives the PlayBook user. If you like to take the "Quasi-Artistic" type of photos that just beg for a little tweaking or you have that picture in your archives that you want to improve, this app is just the one for you.

    Uber Iris comes with over 30 filters to give you a plethora of choices to add to your photos such as Sunkissed, Polarizer, 70's, 80's and Autumn just to name a few. You also have the options to manualy change the Hue, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness if the provided filters don't cover the look you're trying to achieve. The functionality that Uber Iris provides the user is just what you want if you just itching to put those tweaks and uneash your artistic side.

    Another aspect of Uber Iris is the ability to share your images with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr so you can share that retro picture of you and your friends partying on Spring Break or your child's first birthday party (probably which resulted from your partying at Spring Break....).

    If there are any complaints to be made about Uber Iris, it would have to be noted that there are some lag issues when scrolling through the filters and manually adjusting the color settings. This can cause some frustration when the app hangs for a second or two and you find yourself shooting past where you wanted the settings to be. This however will be addressed with "An update scheduled in a Mid-May time frame that will add more filters and performance tweaks." So, this is very exciting news to see what wonderful things that will be added and how much smoother Uber Iris will run. We will keep you informed when the update rolls out.

    Overall, if you like taking photos on the go with your PlayBook and making them into a funky style and sharing your creativity with your friends and the world, Uber Iris is the app made for you. Uber Iris is available for purchase in BlackBerry App World for $2.99

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