• Typo Fined $860,000 for Violating Court's Injuction

    In March 2014, a Federal judge ruled Typo, a keyboard case maker to stop selling its iPhone keyboard case as it violates BlackBerry's patent. Although Typo has released the Typo 2, which is said to avoid intellectual property conflicts with BlackBerry, the case involving the original Typo hasn't stopped until recently.

    BlackBerry, which is well known for its super comfortable keyboard, had sued Typo yet again with allegations
    that Typo continued to sell and market the original Typo case. BlackBerry had asked for $2.6 million plus attorneys’ fees as compensations, saying that Typo made at least two bulk sales of the original Typo cases and gave 100 warranty replacements after the court's injunction was made active.

    On tuesday, a Federal judge ruled stated that Typo products owes BlackBerry more than
    $860,000 for violating the sales injuction of the original Typo case.

    Regarding the court's decision to fine Typo, a representative from BlackBerry said: "The court’s order speaks for itself.”

    Source: re/code

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