• Two New Videos Showing Off The Revised BlackBerry 10 Icons

    We've reported about images before of what the revamped BlackBerry 10 icons will look like. And now two more videos have surfaced that have some clear shots to get a really nice look at them. RIM recently changed the icons for BlackBerry 10 to 114×114 instead of the previous size of 150×150. This allows the user so see more of the wallpaper on the homescreen. Before the icons size was just too big and covered up the background too much. Check out the videos below:

    Hopefully we see these new icons in the next BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device update that is suppose to release at the end of this month. If you are interested in seeing more details into the UI of BlackBerry 10, you can check out the official BlackBerry 10 UI document.

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