• Two New Stickers In The BBM Shop: Garfield And Mini Marilyn

    Two new sticker packs have hit the BBM Shop today. That lasagna loving, Nermal hating, Monday loathing cat Garfield and Mini Marilyn have been added to the BBM Shop. Garfield stickers provide you with the best of Garfield the Cat and his friends. Garfield, Nermal, Jon, Odie, Arlene and Louis the Mouse are all there to share with your friends.

    Mini Marilyn is the cartoon version of Marilyn Monroe, minus the sex appeal and the sultry voice. According to the description, "Mini Marilyn empowers girls, encouraging them to be confident, take risks and dream big." So, I guess if you're into something Marilyn Monroe related, this is the sticker pack for you.

    Both sticker packs sell for $1.99/each.

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