• Two More Executives Leave BlackBerry On Their Own

    There is a lot of news coming out of Canada today. After the unexpected, but understandable, firing of the VP/Managing Director of BlackBerry USA Sales, Richard Piasentin, two other executives have decided to leave the company, the WSJ reports. Unlike Piasentin who was let go, both T.A. McCann, and Marc Gingras left on their own terms.

    According to the Journal, "T.A. McCann, who headed all social networks at BlackBerry, left two weeks ago, according to a person familiar with the matter. Marc Gingras, who was tasked with retooling the calendar and contacts applications for BlackBerry 10, the phone maker’s new operating system, also left in recent weeks, according to these people."

    The WSJ also points out that both of these men were asked by BlackBerry to stay on board, but both declined, and decided to walk.

    It's not certain when or if the two execs will be replaced. With all the restructuring happening at BlackBerry it may be a blessing in disguise to have two people who didn't want to be there anymore leave.

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