• Twittly From Nemory Studios Is Now In The Beta Zone

    Nemory Studios are hard at work again bringing Twittly to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Twittly is a native Twitter client app and fortunately, Twittly has entered the BlackBerry Beta Zone after a brief run in a private beta for a few days.

    Twittly's interface is smooth and flows well and provides a lot of personalization options to have Twittly look the way that appeals to you. There are few bugs in the beta and they need to be worked out but that is what makes BlackBerry users such a great user base. Lots of feedback will be given to Nemory and this app will be getting better and better.

    Head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone app on your BlackBerry 10 phone and download Twittly today. If you're not a member, click here to download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and sign up. It's well worth it.

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