• Twitter Client @Blaq For PlayBook Receives Quick Update To v1.8.3

    Just yesterday, Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook, was updated to v1.8.2, bringing us some cool new features and functionality. Proving that the app has great developer support, we get yet another update that adds some new features and bug fixes!
    New Features:

    • Inline photo and video previews
    • Hash tag auto-append is now optional
    • Streamlined tweet card (no longer overlaps the timeline)
    • Profile image caching
    • Hardware acceleration (smoother scrolling)
    • Reduced memory footprint

    Bug fixes:

    • Quote RT doesn’t include the full link
    • Text on the top of the tweet card now scrolls instead of overlapping
    • Keyboard disappears when selecting a username from auto-complete
    • Keyboard remains on screen when using the go-to-user feature
    • Classic RT/Quote RT is sent in reply to original tweet
    • Broken links when opening in the native browser
    • Bad scrolling in Options > Muting
    • Avatars overlap when multiple accounts are configured
    • Other bug and performance fixes

    If you haven't tried the Blaq Twitter client app yet, I recommend you do. It definitely beats the heck out of using the browser. You can pick the app up via App World for only $1.99.

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