• Twitter For BlackBerry Updated To v4.1.0.5 In The Beta Zone

    Twitter for BlackBerry for legacy devices continues to kick ass. The Beta Zone has pushed a new update for T4BB which will bring even more enhancements and improvements to the official Twitter client.

    What's New?

    New features of Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones 4.1 include:

    • Pre-populate Sign up Screen - make the process for sign up of Twitter account easier by pre-populating email and full name field with user BBID credentials.
    • Profile Enhancements - Align with Twitter extended profile
    • Time Line Focus Enhancements - Provide consistent experience across platforms, focusing on the entire tweet and then items within the tweet
    • Push Notification for Interactions - Option to turn on notification for: Re-tweeted, Favourited, and Followed by

    Download Twitter for BlackBerry v4.1.0.5 in the Beta Zone

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