• Twitter For BlackBerry Updated To v3.1.0.13 In Beta Zone

    Twitter for BlackBerry has been updated to v3.1.0.13 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. A couple of changes have been made to the UI's color scheme and the font size has been reduced on the Tweet Details screen so it doesn't pop out anymore. Check out below for the change log.

    Change log for Twitter for BlackBerry v3.1.0.13:

    • Unable to view photo when selected from social feeds (BZ report)
    • Favorites icon is not updated correctly (BZ report)
    • Follow button appears in Tweet details when you view your own tweet
    • DM notification appears for welcome message that was previously read / deleted
    • When attempting to zoom out, picture automatically closes
    • Right to Left - BBM text and buttons not displayed correctly in the options dialog for Arabic and Hebrew
    • Right to Left - Scrolling in a tweet is not correct if there are 2 or more @usernames next to each other

    Visit the BlackBerry Beta Zone to update Twitter for BlackBerry.

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