• Twitter for BlackBerry Available in Beta Zone

    Twitter for BlackBerry 2.1 has received a small update today via the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The update fixes the BlackBerry ID invalid error some users were getting with v2.1.0.18. No new visible features have been added but many bug fixes and improvements in speed have been made. Change log available below.
    • *Fixed* @Mention - No notification of @mentions from users you are not following
    • *Fixed* @Mention - The @mention notification in the message app does not clear
    • *Fixed* @Mention - Splat on Mentions icon is hard to clear if you happen to be on the Mentions screen when the push notification arrives
    • *Fixed* Options - Reordering of top two option items
    • *Fixed* Virtual Keyboard - When composing a new Tweet or reply, the virtual 'Tweet' and 'reply' buttons do not activate

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