• Twitter For BlackBerry 10 Updated To v.

    Heads up Twitter for BlackBerry 10 users. A new update has hit BlackBerry World and it's a very impressive update. I don't use use Twitter for BlackBerry 10 on a regular basis because I prefer using Blaq as my Twitter client. However, these included updates are worth taking a look at and trying out for your BlackBerry.

    The update version which is now, includes these new features:
    • View animated GIFs in Tweets
    • View embedded video in Tweets
    • Mute functionality- Ability to stop displaying Tweets from selected users
    • Emoji icons in Tweet composer
    • New look for Tweet composer
    • View web content in the application directly

    Plus there's a new setting for Twitter v10.5:
    • View web content in the application or browser

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