• Twitter 10.2 Released For BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 users will be glad to hear that there has been a major update to the native Twitter client.

    Twitter 10.2 gives the app a fresh user-interface while also adding some new features.

    Multiple Accounts
    With Twitter 10.2 you can now add additional Twitter accounts within the app.

    Direct Messages
    Twitter 10.2 allows you to view, reply and send new Direct Messages right within the app.

    Improved Refresh
    Improved refresh always maintains your current location in the timeline.

    New Discover Page
    Twitter 10.2 offers a new Discover page that delivers a stream of Tweets, accounts to follow and more. Simply pull to refresh or scroll to see more and discover even more fascinating people to follow. Plus the Activity page provides a view into what the people you are following are doing on Twitter including who they’re following and what tweets they have favourited.

    Photo Save
    With Twitter 10.2 you can save pictures being shared on Twitter directly to your BlackBerry.

    Improved Search
    Now you can view your recent and saved searches and with Type Ahead, search suggestions are provided for you as text is entered in the search field.

    Refreshed UI
    A wider timeline in all parts of the app provides a fresh new design and makes it easier to browse.

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