• Tweetings For Twitter Updated To v1.0.157.0

    There is many Twitter apps available for the BlackBerry Z10, but very few of them which are enjoyable to use. Tweetings For Twitter, one of the Twitter apps I use daily recently received a major update that brought several new features.

    The Tweetings For Twitter update to v1.0.157.0 includes:

    • Interactions timeline, your recently retweeted & favorited tweets, mentions and recent folllowers, are now available from your profile and/or a custom tab
    • Show a warning in title bar if trying to quote a protected account
    • Shake to make full screen, turn on in settings

    • Warn users if adding a custom tab containing a space in their screen name. This is an invalid character and may cause a crash
    • Changed how timeline links are generated
    • Changed how reply, quoting and send to buffer works internally
    • Changed the internal loading code for recent photos on a user profile to prevent memory errors
    • Turned off refresh after sending a tweet to preserve rate limits
    • Remove the Twitter API 1.0 setting

      Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed some crashes
    • Changed the type of disc cache image downloader/cacher uses to mitigate launch issues
    • Refresh after send wasn't using a since_id parameter causing more load than necessary and potentially extra timelime gaps
    Let us know in comments below of any additonal findings or fixes.

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