• Tweetian For Twitter Beta Brings Another Client Alternative On BlackBerry 10

    Third party Twitter apps are as common as any, and while some of us have our favorite Twitter clients, it's always nice to see a new client drop in BlackBerry World. Tweetian for Twitter popped up in BlackBerry World a couple of weeks ago, but didn't generate too much attention because of all the BlackBerry Live festivities.

    Thankfully, we've gotten a chance to play around with it, and while it does need some work (it's still a beta), some of you may find it to your liking specially since it's free.

    As mentioned before, Tweetian is technically in beta, according to the app description. Check out more details below, and if you want to give it a try, hit the download link!

    Tweetian is an experiment, is a proof of concept. Tweetian is a Symbian application that is being ported to BlackBerry 10. Yes, of course, Tweetian is a twitter client for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

    Things you can hate in this application:
    * Sometimes is unresponsive to click/touch events
    * No BlackBerry 10 keyboard features (auto completion, auto correction, suggestions)
    * No notifications (yet) If after that you still want to install this app, go ahead

    At the moment, this app is stable and usable, but even in BETA.... So, any comment, suggestion, or bug report will be welcome.

    *** At last, if you want to support this app to continue being FREE, just leave a nice review ***

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