• Trying To Find My Swipe

    I will confess, the most difficult thing about moving to Android has been the general UI. I love gestures. I love swiping. BlackBerry did a good job with the home button short cuts and the ability to slide from the left side in most apps mitigates my anguish a bit.

    In an attempt to retain some of this functionality I tried an application called All In One Gestures. Overall it is a fairly good application, although the initial setup for the Priv needed some tweaking.

    I turned on the lower corners as not to interfere with the soft keys. I also made the little corner icon almost completely opaque and increased the corner size to near maximum, making it much easier to swipe. You can find all that under the left overflow menu. There's quite a bit of customization available to the user, which is lovely, but there are some downsides.

    First, my battery was heavily impacted. I was testing some other apps at the same time, but I'm pretty sure All In One was the culprit. Second, and more important, the permissions the app requires are ridiculous. The permission set was invasive enough to me that I will not be using this app until Android M, and granular permission controls, come to the Priv.

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