• TripAdvisor - Wikitude Powered Augmented Reality App

    If you haven't heard yet, TripAdvisor Augmented Reality (AR) app, powered by Wikitude’s AR platform officially launches for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 7 and above. This app, exclusive to the BlackBerry platform, allows BlackBerry users around the globe to instantly access an immersive view of hotels, restaurants, and attractions listed on TripAdvisor.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Simply tap the TripAdvisor/Wikitude icon on the home screen to instantly view your surroundings through an Augmented Reality lens
    • Once a venue is chosen, users can quickly access detailed information about the location, including traveler-submitted reviews, average prices, and more
    • The “Bring me there” option provides users with turn-by-turn directions to the desired destination
    • The app integrates with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for simple sharing and connecting

    The TripAdvisor Augmented Reality app can be downloaded FREE at BlackBerry’s App World, and currently is only available for devices running OS 7+. Note: you must first install Wikitude before you can utilize this app.

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