• Trapeez Build Is Now Available

    Build is now available for Trapeez, a Tumblr client for BlackBerry. Take note, the update is compatible with only OS 10.2 or higher.


    ADDED: Hold down to auto-reblog
    ADDED: Share/save photos is back!
    ADDED: Pull to refresh
    ADDED: Tap author to view profile
    ADDED: Create account in-app
    FIXED: Update version to 1.6 to fix beta zone download issues
    FIXED: Cannot reblog without comment
    FIXED: Post links opening in app instead of opening in browser
    ENHANCED: Cosmetic fixes
    ENHANCED: Hide top bar

    To download the new build, please visit the following link: https://www.kisailabs.com/beta/betas/view/8
    To leave a review, please visit the following link: https://www.kisailabs.com/beta/build_reviews/add/400

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