• Transferring Files Via NFC Using BlackBerry Tag

    Finally an easy way to share anything my heart desires (within reason) with my fellow BlackBerry abusers, I mean users. I personally always found trying to pair up BlackBerry devices using Bluetooth kind of a pain at times, while at other times it was easier than eating chocolate cake. Now though, there is a solution. BlackBerry Tag enables BlackBerry smartphones with Near Field Communications, or NFC, (i.e. Bold 9900 and Curve 9380) to connect to each other by simply placing the phones back to back, like seen in the video above. That does make it a little more difficult to sneak pictures or ringtones to a friend discreetly, but I think that's a sacrifice I'll be willing to make.

    If you're a developer interested in learning about using NFC to its full potential, check out Inside BlackBerry Developer's Blog to learn more!
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