• Track Your Z10's Battery Life With Battery Guru For BlackBerry 10

    For most hardcore BlackBerry users, no level of battery life will ever be enough. Since we're constantly on our devices, it's hard to not stay plugged in or carry a spare battery just in case. Up until now, we haven't really had a way to track our Z10's battery life natively, so when I came across Battery Guru in BlackBerry World, I was ecstatic.

    Battery Guru, as you may guess, helps you track your battery life on BlackBerry 10 with a pretty bad ass, and informative UI. The famous battery life tracking app that was first available on the PlayBook, definitely shocks its way onto BlackBerry 10.

    From the main screen, Battery Guru tracks your battery level, how much power it's currently using, how much time your battery has before it's dead (if it's not charging), or how much time until it's fully charged (when charging), and the temperature.

    You can also set up alarms to let you know when a certain charging level or discharging level has been reached. Battery Guru also keeps a record according to your preferences, so you can look back at your battery's history as well.

    Battery Guru also uses Active Frames so when minimized, you will still get the most essential battery information right on your homescreen.

    All in all, this app is pretty amazing. It's definitely worth the $1.99 in my book. The developer promises this app will be updated with even more features in the near future, so that's something to definitely look forward to. A smartphone's battery life may never be enough for some of us, but now we have a way to track it and adjust accordingly, and that's pretty cool.

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