• Traces Of AT&T Show Up In Latest BlackBerry Z10 Leaked OS

    Could it be a sign that AT&T will be the first to release BlackBerry Z10 in the US market?

    As you can see from the image above, an AT&T icon has popped up in the latest leaked OS I found it after I extracted the images from the OS. Most likely this is one of the OS versions that AT&T is testing. I doubt that it will be the OS that releases with their first BlackBerry Z10 devices.

    So far our sources are still saying that late March is when we will start to see US carriers offering the Z10 smartphone. We've also heard though, that carriers are in a race to get the new Z10 out first to catch up that loyal BlackBerry user-base. Remember, the CDMA LTE Z10 model was just approved by the FCC for Verizon.

    Any guesses who will be the first?

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