• Touch Awesomeness, RIM Wants Your Awesomeness

    In an effort to help promote the Curve 9380, RIM is looking to cleanse the internet of its "blah-ness" by asking for your Awesomeness. The way this contest works is each week RIM will unlock a new task of Awesomeness to " awesomify" the inter-webs. Some previous tasks include, Rock the Mic, Fingers of Awesomness (personal favorite), The Awesometer, DIY Demotivationals, Pimp My Profile Pic, and Awesomeness IQ.

    It looks like this contest is only available to legal residents of South Africa. However, it appears as though you can still participate in the awesomeness tasks. So if you live in that region make sure you show RIM your Awesomeness for a chance to win one of 10 BlackBerry Curve 9380 smartphones, or an Audi A11.4 TFSl. Now all that is left is for RIM to open up this awesome contest to other awesome countries.

    Check out the awesomeness here:

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