• Toronto To Gain Cell Coverage In Subway System By 2014

    Toronto underground travellers rejoice! If there is one thing that I find annoying about the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system, it's the lack of signal strength on my Bold 9900 to tweet about the middle age couple who is acting like their on their first date while riding the University line.

    It seems those days of silence are now almost over. According to a proposal found on TTC's website, it seems they will be moving forward with the posibble approval to partner with Broadcast Australia Pty Ltd. (BA):

    Authorize the award of a contract to Broadcast Australia Pty Ltd. (BA), for the Wireless Network in the Subway System project, for a fixed fee payable to the TTC in the amount of Twenty Five Million Dollars ($25,000,000.00) over a twenty (20) year term. In addition, BA will pay the TTC an additional $8,000.00 (plus applicable taxes) for design review cost, per TTC existing and planned sixty one (61) underground subway stations.

    The planned completion of this project would be somewhere within 2014, but don't expect to see service on the trains just yet, as plans are to implement service on subway platforms, & not actually within the train cars.

    If the BA proposal is approved, you can expect beta test to start soon at a few "important" subway station.

    The only downside to all of this is the service promise, as BA would only have to provide 60% of Toronto wireless subscribers service, leaving the other 40% to possibly suffer. I don't mind having access to my data while waiting for my subway, but I do think it would get very distracting to have hundreds of people talking on their phones in such a small, enclosed space.

    Can you live without cell coverage while riding the TTC?

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