• Torch 2 9810 and Torch 9850, 9860

    According to multiple unofficial reports/leaks the newest additions to the BlackBerry lineup, the 9810, 9850 and 9860, will all share a common name: Torch.

    To make the distinctions clear, the Torch 9810 will be most likely known as the Torch 2 as it's the predecessor of the first Torch 9800 and will only be available to GSM carriers. In the U.S. the 9810 would join both AT&T and T-Mobile's lineup. No reports or leaks suggest that there will be a CDMA version of the popular RIM slider.

    Then it gets a little confusing. When pictures first leaked of the BlackBerry codenamed Monaco/Monza it was thought they'd be the 3rd version of the Storm series due to the fact that it had no keyboard and was only touch screen. Unfortunately though, it seems that the "Storm" brand name had too many negative stigmas attached to it which prompted a change.

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