• Top 3 Uses For BBM Groups

    Donnie from the Inside BB Blog has written some great points about BBM Groups and what makes the social feature useful for important events in our lives. He demonstrates how he uses the calendar in BBM groups for keeping track and organizing his team's Baseball schedule. Keep reading for Donnie's top 3 uses for BBM groups.
    1. Coordinating groups of people. BBM Groups is possibly one of the best ways to get a group of people together in one place, without physically meeting. With the ability to chat in real time with your selected group, itís simple and fun way to connect. You can also share calendars, lists and even photos. For me, the ability to create lists is among the best features because you can assign a task to a group member and track completion. Planning a party? Assign someone to bring the balloons, or the cake. Working on a project? Assign the completion of needed documents and track everything in the group calendar. Getting people together using BBM Groups couldnít be easier.

    2. Sharing the moment.
    Have something that you want to share with a group of your BBM contacts, but not the whole list? Creating a BBM Group is a great way to do this. One of the best examples Iíve come across is a friend who used a BBM Group to keep us all up to date on their pregnancy. They made the announcement in the chat, then added the due date to the calendar, and finally shared pictures of the baby Ė all within the group. (It was a girl Ė congrats!)

    3. Clubs and Teams.
    Iíve been playing recreational baseball this summer, and we use BBM Groups as our main hub for the team. At the beginning of the season, we added all our games to the group calendar so nobody would forget. We share photos and memes for inspiration on game day, and use the chat all week long to coordinate impromptu practices and make carpooling arrangements to the diamond. We even use the list function to keep track of whoís on sunflower seed duty and make changes to the batting order. Now, we can focus on swinging for the fences.

    If you havenít already explored BBM Groups, you might find that it can be used as your personal coordinator. Do you have an interesting way you use a BBM Group in BlackBerry Messenger? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments.

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