- Tip: New Lines in SMS and BBM On Your Z10
  • Tip: New Lines in SMS and BBM On Your Z10

    Sometimes it can be a little annoying when you're trying to send a message to your big buds and you want to say something that requires a new line. Maybe you want to send a list or a punchline in a joke? The problem hits when you try to do this in a BBM or SMS message. The enter key is rudely replaced with 'Send', and the ability to start a new line is gone!

    Q10 users are fine, as you can press hold ALT and press Enter to start a new line.

    Despite knowing that this functionality will appear in BlackBerry 10.2, there are some of us that really want to do this now.

    Luckily, JSanders in the BlackBerry Support Forums hit upon a good idea that should keep Z10 users content for a little while.

    Step 1
    Open Language and Input in the Settings app

    Step 2
    Tap on Prediction and Correction

    Step 3
    Tap on Word Substitution (should be just at the bottom of the visible screen when you open Prediction and Correction)

    Step 4
    Tap on Add Shortcut in the action bar

    Step 5
    In the Original Word box, create a simple pair of letters such as "qq".
    In the New Word or Phrase box, just tap the carriage return (↵) to make a new line appear.

    Step 6
    Tap Save and close the settings app.

    Now that you're done, you can use your two-letter shortcut to create a new line. So for instance to create the message:
    This is
    a new

    You would type
    This is qq a new qq message

    As you press space, the qq's will be replaced with a new line and you can type away.

    Update: I made a small mistake and originally credited this tip to KnottyRope. They are both huge contributers to the support forums though and if you're on Twitter you should follow them both!

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