• Tip: Focus Lock On The BlackBerry 10 Camera

    One nifty feature on the BlackBerry 10 camera is the ability to activate a focus-lock when you're using the camera app.

    Auto-focus is probably one of the greatest photography revolutions, but also creates a myriad of botched photos as just as you get that perfect shot, you tap to immortalise that special moment and BOOM the camera stalls for that split second as it re-focuses and it's gone.

    To make matters worse, it's now focused on someone's shoulder or even worse, JT Teran in one of his many photobombing escapades as he tries to one-up Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Luckily for us, BlackBerry for us has a number of was to get around this. Probably the most used method is to put the camera in sports mode or burst mode. These make the camera constantly refocus so odds are you'll get one decent photo but they're not reliable and don't pay off for any decent set up.

    No - if you're serious about grabbing that special moment then you want to show that you've got the chops to take that photo at that moment.

    Enter focus-lock. Focus-lock isn't an extra from Agents of SHEILD but rather a simple mechanism where you can set the camera to manually focus on a point before you take the shot. And the great thing is - after you've taken the shot, the focus stays locked until you specifically turn it off. If your subject is gonig to be at a specific range from the camera at any given time it makes a lot of sense to use this hidden feature.

    To turn it on you simply set the focus box do its business and find the focal point of what you what to photograph. Once it has its optimal focal point and you're happy, press AND HOLD on the focus point. The focus guides will animate a 'pop' twice to show that the lock has activated. Take your finger away and a small padlock will appear in the focus box to show that it is locked. Now you can keep taking photos and there will be no delay at all while you take photos.

    Check out the video below to see it in action.


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