• Tiny Bird Available For BlackBerry Smartphones And PlayBook

    This cool little game has been out for a couple of weeks now but I just came across it yesterday and I have to say, it's pretty awesome. SolverLabs has made, in essence, a clone of the famous iOS app Tiny Wings and brought it to BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook.

    Tiny Bird has the user take control of a tiny bird as he (or she, not really sure) makes his way through hills collecting stars and precious gems. The secret is to create enough momentum as Tiny Bird slides on the hills (by pressing the screen when going downhill and releasing at the correct time at the bottom of the hill) before the storm catches up to you.

    The gameplay is pretty good on our BlackBerry devices, but it's excellent on the PlayBook. There are two versions available (free and paid) for smartphones and PlayBook, but I'm pretty sure after you try out the free version, it wont be long before you pony up the $.99, for BlackBerry smartphones, or the $1.99, for PlayBook, for the paid version.

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