- timr: Keep Track Of Your Work Like A Boss
  • timr: Keep Track Of Your Work Like A Boss

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    Being a freelance IT Octopus™ I find that one of the most important part of my work is being able to charge people for all of my very hard work.

    Over the years I’ve experimented with using various services, calendars and sync tools to keep track of my work time. Ultimately, I've discovered you need a tool which is reliable and keeps track of everything.

    Enter timr for BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. This is an app that you use to essentially track every moment of your time without the worry of needing to be need your work PC or have your phone. timr has everything wrapped up by allowing you to track time from any mobile device AND your PC through their website.

    I’m a huge fan of this app and use it all the time. I don’t often subscribe to pay-monthly services but this is one that I truly feel saves me time and money every month.

    timr has a raft of simple, straightforward tools that enables you to work in a versatile way and manage everything in your day-to-day:

    Work Time Tracking - timr can track your Work and project times easily, instantaneous and anywhere. Work and project times can be tracked seperately - great for billing clients and finding out how much work you do!

    Mileage Tracking - By using the mobile apps, you always keep control over your driven miles.

    Powerful reports - Ever get a short phone call here, another short issue there, with timr you become aware of your time thefts. timr Increases your billable time, you’re able to verify your productivity, and you keep track of the really important tasks

    Export tools - When you want to see your working time, timr will allow you to view reports online or download your records in a myriad of formats - everything is catered for including Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML...

    Superb customer service - When I was considering signing up to timr, I asked their team if they would consider adding iCal as an export format because one of my clients could see my working times on their own calendars. I’m glad to say that they team not only replied to my request but implemented the feature before I even signed up! That’s service!

    All BlackBerry Support - This week timr have made their app available on BlackBerry 10. This is in addition to supporting existing BlackBerry handsets. As the BlackBerry 10 app has been ported from Android - it brings a new feature to BlackBerry, Team Tracking.

    Special Offer!
    timr offers a free trial period of 1 month for their service - but we’ve teamed up with them to get 2 extra months free if you sign up and send the promo code "" to their support address

    Check it out at BlackBerry World and

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