• TimmyMe App Update Makes It Easier To Get Your Caffeine Fix

    What I would give to be in Canada right now to have me a hot Tim Horton's cup. Sure, the weather would be a big barrier for me given that in my geographic location it never snows, but that would be a minor discomfort as long as I had my daily cup of joe. Tim Horton's TimmyMe app just posted an update in BlackBerry World that would make your coffee morning run that much easier. The app now comes with the following features:

    • Pay directly from your mobile device with Tap to Pay, (NFC)
    • Register an account
    • Update you profile
    • Merge Tim Cards
    • Personalize your experience
    Now NFC payment is a big deal, saving you a trip to your wallet to fish out your debit card. What's more, you can have multiple Tim Horton cards without the need to carry a single one of them.

    Now if only Starbucks here in the US got with the program and made their app available for BlackBerry 10 as well.

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