• The Times Of India Flubs Story On BlackBerry Z3 In Indonesia

    Can someone tell me what happened to journalism? Is writing untruths no longer considered libelous anymore? Is the influence of other tech companies too tempting to cross? In my 25 years of being in the media, I'm tired of seeing stories like this. I'm not saying that the writer from the AP that wrote this piece of garbage and the Times Of India that picked up the story are on the take. But something is awfully wrong with the article and the Times should have done some due diligence to make sure that the facts matched what was written in the article.

    The Times of India published the article
    which headlines "BlackBerry Z3 gets lukewarm response in Indonesia." Really. It actually says that. It bases this headline on "50 people queued up ahead of the phone going on sale in the main launch for customers at an upmarket shopping mall in west Jakarta."

    You're kidding me, right?

    Seriously? Because the evidence of the article being wrong is completely overwhelming.

    At the inside BlackBerry Blog, images show many more people in lines at the Central Park Mall in West Jakarta. Hmmm, wonder if that is the same mall that the writer from the AP attended? If so, then the writer of the AP/Times of India article needs to get their seeing eye dog replaced for a new one.

    I'll just leave the links to the Inside BlackBerry Blog and the BlackBerry Facebook page to contradict the AP/Times of India. Here are pics of second day sales. Maybe a retraction is in order??

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