• Tim Allen Shows Off The BlackBerry Z10 On "Last Man Standing"

    Speaking of Tim Allen, it's a fact that he is a BlackBerry user as per his stated love for his Bold and the new BlackBerry Z10. He and I'm sure some marketing people from BlackBerry had a get together to product place the BlackBerry Z10 on his ABC Network sitcom "Last Man Standing".

    In the picture above you can readily see Tim using the Z10, appearing to take a picture. Wonder if he was using the Time Shift feature? Anyways, it's great to see that the Z10 is getting some looks on TV and it's good to know that Tim Allen is a loyal BlackBerry user.

    Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see any more BlackBerry Z10's or Q10's in any product placement shots because you're bound to see more and more as the US market opens up to the Z10!!

    Source: CB

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